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We completed our Mission! 

Kakebi is now ready to release our new CHEBE Boost Oil! 🙌🏽

Introducing one of our NEW Oil Formula name CHEBE Boost Oil and how its about to change your hair game!

What is CHEBE and why will it help YOUR hair!

The backstory of the ingredients
North African Women of Chad Using Chebe to grow their hair!
According to Uchenna Okereke, a Boston based board certified medical and cosmetic dermatologist, The age-old beauty tradition has garnered quite a bit of popularity lately among folks with Afro-textured hair. The ancient formula has helped Basara women maintain their (often waist length) hair.
One of the main ingredients in the powder mixture is a shrub-like plant native to Chad, called Croton zambesicus, according to Okereke. The plant is believed to soften hair and make it feel thicker.
Some wording we are using!STOP saying your hair doesn't grow!
Unless you have been diagnosed with a medical condition,
your hair is growing! You are struggling with retaining your length!

Breakdown of some of the ingredients. 
✅ Chebe helps retain length, locks in moisture and reduces breakage.

✅ Sunflower Seed Oil stops hair breakage to help you retain and grow length.

✅ Black Castor Seed Oil prevents hair breakage, dandruff, eczema and dry, itchy scalp.

✅ Black Cumin Seed Oil for antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant qualities.

✅ Cherry Kernel Oil helps maintain healthy hair and prevents the build up of dandruff.

✅ Apricot Kernel Oil reduces scalp dryness and promotes hair growth.

That shrinkage tho! 😭

Broken damaged type 4 hair is nothing new to us!

🙌🏽 We are BREAKING the cycle!


Stretched Natural Hair
Curly Hair

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