What IS Hair Porosity??

If you’re new to the hair community and have been hearing the term hair porosity floating around everywhere, wondering “what does this mean??”, you're in the right place to learn! 

Many people don’t know the actual meaning of it, how it works, what type they are and more but It’s very important to know to help aid your hair. Knowing your hair porosity will help you pick the right products and techniques for YOUR hair type! So let’s get into it!


There are three hair porosities; low, normal, and high. Low porosity means your cuticles are packed tightly together, not letting moisture get to your hair shaft. This makes it harder for your hair to absorb that moisture. If products sit on your hair, take a long time to air dry, or water bounces off of it, you most likely have low porosity. To help with that, you can use a conditioner while your hair is already wet and put on the heat when you condition.


Low Porosity Kakebi Products 

High porosity means your cuticles are spread apart with gaps and moisture can be retained easily, but not for long. If your hair is frequently frizzy, dry, and breaks easily, you most likely have high porosity. To help with that, you can use leave-in conditioners and sealers more often and avoid hot water when shampooing and conditioning. 


High Porosity Hair Products

Normal porosity means just that! It’s in the middle, and the cuticles aren’t too close but aren’t too far making it easy to hold moisture, do styles, and look healthy and glossy.


In the end, knowing your hair porosity is a big step towards knowing the best way to take care of your natural hair

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